Global markets

To become international – let’s do it together!

I had the chance to visit the GoInternational Finland office in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki. The company’s small and highly skilled international staff aims to give your company access to global markets in new and innovative ways.

GOInternational has devoted this year to the empowerment of female managers and entrepreneurs.

Once a friend, always a friend!

My friend, Hanna Rossi, has explored many countries and continents, and has worked in the business and education fields for over twenty-five years.  She has strong knowledge and understanding of international business, and in succeeding in operations abroad. In 2007, Hanna and I worked together at Tieke and developed content for the Tiety degree program.  After Tieke, she worked in Switzerland and Nepal and now she finds herself working with interesting projects at GOInternational here in Finland. Our have paths crossed again, and the fun continues.

Women entrepreneurs are alone!

I’ve been running my business, Dinopro Oy Ab, for over 18 years and its online courses are available in vocational schools and enterprises. Nowadays, I help companies in digital marketing, and with information technology issues. I have found my soul’s home in entrepreneurship amongst women and our many SMEs. We are hard-working and tend to lose ourselves in our work. We believe in tomorrow and entrepreneurship.

Explore GoInternational Finland activities

I have met several times with GOInternational team members: Managing Director Mohammad Shabbir, Project Coordinator Abby Ridenour, Facilitator Aime Virkkilä-Accorsi and Program Director Hanna Rossi. I also invited women entrepreneurs to our workshop: Ajantieto Ltd. Jaana Koskinen and Linguajoy Language Clubs Henrietta Kvist and myself Dinopro Ltd. Tuula Maunula.

Write down why we are here?

We had our first workshop meeting at GOInternational’s office in HUB13. Facilitator Aime was effective and inclusive at our workshop meeting. She had an active participatory role and encouraged us to discuss and innovate, so we felt right at home. I had permission to use “Finnglish”, which is a mix of the Finnish and English languages –  and I was understood with no problem.

Henrietta Kvist the speaker!

GOInternational Finland, in partnership with the Embassy of India, and partners Chase India, Di5 and the Digital India Foundation will launch Nordic India Innovation Forum (NIIF) at the Helsingin Suomalainen Klubi with a Gala Dinner.

As part of the Gala Dinner Program, we will have His Excellency Mr. Shri Ashok Kumar Sharma, the Indian Ambassador to Finland and the Deputy Secretary General for Economic Development of Estonia, Mr. Viljar Lubi.

Entrepreneur Linguajoy Language Clubs Henrietta Kvist will hold a speech on women’s perspective of the entrepreneur. She speaks at the forum, where we will also hear high-ranking Indian leaders such as Mr. Arvind Gupta, who is promoting the digitalization of India.

Henrietta and I already discussed possible topics of her speech: like how we rose up in female entrepreneurship: practical, solving problems, being yourself, money comes when you do business with passion. I look forward to Henrietta’s speech and here it is.

How can one woman’s small business internationalize? What can Finnish women entrepreneurs sell to India? How can cooperation to started with the Indians?

India is a huge country being digitalized

With this in mind, we began with Henrietta to consider that our new joint product to the Indian market could be a digital language, something which facilitates the communication between the new business partners to be more productive and accelerate the access to employment. That is all I know now, so there are many more questions to be asked and to wonder about at the next workshop.