Women Go International

Women Go International Event in Finland 20. – 21. April

During our last workshop at GOInternational Finland’s office, we discussed about our motivations, goals and frustrations.

Go International Finland´s team Project Coordinator Abby Ridenour, Executive Assistant Kristina Bashkova, Hanna Rossi, Aime Virkkilä-Accorsi.

Workshop begins with question what are your main motivations?

Big question or what?

My motivations

What motivates me as an entrepreneur when I am thinking of to do business in India? This is long list: spread out welfare, happiness, girls and women’s equality.  In my opinion children should be at school not in factories.

My goals

We also talked about our goals and this was easy to me. I want to become rewarded women entrepreneur of the year 2018. My quote is doing right thing in my own company, and you can learn from others and spread good things around India.


Henrietta said it for all of us ”For a small growth company, there is already so much to do in running the Finnish operations that in order to go international, you would need specialist help, financing and access to global networks ”. Also concerns regarding intercultural communications abilities, legal aspects of running business in India and the potentially unfair working conditions among Indian women and children, were raised as worries within the workshop discussion.

After these questions there was time for everyone’s bio. How wide experience and knowhow we have together, wau!


Some of us have been living most of their lives in foreign countries for example in China, Nepal, USA, Norway.  But one thing was common: the entrepreneurship.



CEO, Liisa Rantakari-Elliott, House of Elliott

The CEO, founder and main designer Liisa Rantakari-Elliott discloses the background, ”in my case the journey to being a designer of fabulous quality jewellery started when I lived in Australia and Asia for a decade. I fell in love with pearls.

CEO, Sanna Kokkonen, Multiflow Oy

An engineer lost in translation. Running her company MultiFlow Translations with a network of more than 400 freelancer translators all over the world. Serving companies in all their linguistic needs. Specialist in technical and medical industries.

CEO, Tuula Maunula, Dinopro Oy

I’ve been running my business, Dinopro Oy Ab, for over 17 years and its online courses are available in vocational schools and enterprises. Nowadays, I help companies in digital marketing, and with information technology issues. I have found my soul’s home in entrepreneurship amongst women and our many SMEs.

CEO, Henrietta Kvist, Founder, M.Sc Linguajoy Oy Linguajoy Language Clubs Ltd

My versatile work experience from big business gives me a unique perspective into service- and concept development, sales, marketing, and strategy processes. The main difference is, however, that now customers can simultaneously be energetic, demanding, funny or even defiant. This is the reason we approach our little customers with great humbleness, keeping their top-quality learning experience at the centre of our operations.

CEO, Partner, Jaana Koskinen, Ajantieto Oy
Chairman Helsingin Yrittäjänaiset ry/Helsinki Women’s Entrepreneur Association
Ajantieto Oy  – Competitive advantage with experts
Specialities: Financial management training, accounting training
Business know-how – business skills training, Time management training, Productivity training

CEO, Laura Åkerlund, Koominen Ooppera

I am the CEO and founder of Comic Opera Helsinki, which is a new international opera house operating in Finland. Before that I have been working in five different countries for more than ten years in all kinds of opera projects, gathering up-to-date information of how to run an opera house.

Now we are ready to meet Indians

After these workshops we are meeting Indians facilitators at HUB13 Kaisaniemi. I´m looking forward to workshop on Thursday.

Gala Dinner is on Friday

GO International Finland, in partnership with the Embassy of India, and partners Chase India, Di5 and the Digital India Foundation will launch Nordic India Innovation Forum (NIIF) at the Helsingin Suomalainen Klubi with a Gala Dinner.

As part of the Gala Dinner Program, we will have His Excellency Mr. Shri Ashok Kumar Sharma, the Indian Ambassador to Finland .

And our Henrietta!

Entrepreneur Linguajoy Language Clubs Henrietta Kvist will hold a speech on women’s perspective of the entrepreneur. She speaks at the forum, where we will also hear high-ranking Indian leaders such as Mr. Arvind Gupta, who is promoting the digitization of India.

What a week or what do You think?

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