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Digital marketing

Dinopro is a company that promotes learning by providing digital tools for marketing and sales. The knowledge and application of E-commerce, social media and open source website are tools that will benefit every digital marketer. We also offer methods for creating content, text, images and videos. Our current customers include companies and educational institutes.

We improve entrepreneur’s and teachers digital marketing skills.

Improving our customer’s digital marketing skills

The method in creating content is a digital workbook that is easy to use, and motivates you to utilize personal strengths in describing you company and its products. We will teach how to choose the right platforms, channels and marketplaces where you can share information. With Dinopro, entrepeneurs and teachers will learn how to create content using text, videos and images that will gain the interest of customers and students alike.

Digital Marketing in practice

Choose an open source platform for your homepage. You can choose the right customer segment, and learn how to take professional pictures and videos and customize them before publishing. Create web pages and landing pages that include all the information and content a customer needs to purchase your product. Share your landing page on social media, and see who is visiting your website.